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A sinking feeling comes when precious computer data is lost . In today's Digital world , Computer Data is the Life Line for Survival of Any Business organization. Computer data has become mission-critical for survival of any business. According to a survey, U.S. businesses lost whooping US $1.7 Trillion in 2014 due data loss and downtime. British researchers have claimed that a large-scale cyber attack on the US power grid could cost the country’s economy as much as $1 trillion (£640 billion).

At A. K. Computers, we can understand how data loss situation could be. Be it critical account or design data or personal photographs, our endeavor is to help our customers in restoring their computer data in data loss situations. Over the years we have developed most advanced data recovery technologies and skillsets . We have more than 17 years experience in data recovery. Along with Customer satisfaction. Reliability and trust is core in our business philosophy. Our customers include US$40 billion enterprise to several of India’s leading corporate, software companies & defence establishments.

Our Services

Data Recovery

Data Recovery is an Art & Science of extraction of data from inaccessible digital storage media. Data recovery can be subdivided in following major types...

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Email Recovery

We can recover *.eml files, recover *.pst files, and get email working again. We deploy a variety of methods including software and hardware data recovery...

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Disk Eraser

In todays’ digital edge maintaining confidentiality of data is challenge for enterprises. Data can be easily stolen or misused by cybercriminals. A simple format/deletion is not sufficient...

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Remote Recovery

Recover Your Confidential Data most Securely Using our Sophisticated Technology recover Photos ,Videos ,Audio recordings from Memory Cards...

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Disk Cloning

Often automation equipments & various Manufacturing process control equipments are very old. Working life of hard disks used in devices is generally long over...

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Contact Us if you have any customized requirement of Data Recovery, Email Recovery, Disk Eraser, Remote Recovery, Disk Cloning etc. we are here to help you with solutions...

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