Disk Cloning

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“We have Proprietory hardware based disk cloning technology”

Disk Cloning

Advantages of Disk Cloning

  • Original Media is write protected & not a single byte is altered
  • Multiple technicians can work on same case.
  •  Disk drive being extremely sensitive and delicate device is well handled & preserved for later examination.
  • In case of failing disks , cloning helps to capture device most efficiently before it gets completely inaccessible.
  • Original media can be returned for warranty replacements .

Comparison Of Software VS our Hardware Based Cloning


1) Danger of Data loss due to wrong
2) Hidden area not accessible
3) Unallocated disk space cannot be copied
4) Cloning not possible for failing disks
5) Not Suitable for bad sector disk

Proprietory Hardware

1) Source disk is 100 % write Protected
2) Entire disk sectors including hidden can be Captured
3) Even Unallocated (free) space can captured
4) Using advanced technology technical
Parameters like firmware can be effectively controlled
5) Bad sectors can be skipped.

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