Secure Disk / Data Eraser

Confidentiality of Your Data Guaranteed:
In todays’ digital edge maintaining confidentiality of data is challenge for even enterprises. Data can be easily stolen or misused by cybercriminals or by competitors . A simple format or deletion is not sufficient to keep data secure as data can be easily recovered.. In fact data confidentiality report is mandatory in IT audits regulatory compliance . CEO ‘s may be held responsible and companies may lose millions in law suits in case of sensitive data breach. We have sophisticated technology for secure eraser of entire disk with its hidden area . This process is compatible with several international standards like below.

Our Secure Eraser is compatible with

1) US Dept. of defense ( US DoD 5220.22 M) NISPOM
3) NIST Special Publication 800-88
4) Russian GOST P50739-95

Advantages of our secure Eraser over Degaussing

1) Disk can be reused again (Degaussing damages & makes it unusable )
2) In Degaussing eraser cannot be guaranteed as magnetic field changes in various conditions like ageing.
3) Degaussing cannot be done Onsite due to higher size/weight of device
4) Eraser report is not produced for confirmation by degausser.
5) Suitable for small no. disk erasers .

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